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Fast growing company that helps SMEs to import goods from overseas.

Shippo allows you to share shipping containers meaning their service is much more affordable than traditional methods. The company wanted to improve their lead generation, online presence, and user experience on mobile devices. Shippo also needed a way for their customers to track their shipments easily via the website.

My role on the project was to design wireframes, high fidelity mockups, graphic elements, and bring up design ideas to improve usability.

Agency: WATB

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User feedback is a key to make any business successful

The biggest challenge I faced throughout this project was balancing between the needs of the product owner and the needs of their customers.

Here's the earliest wireframe example of the home page. It was decided to add an introduction copy about Shippo to the hero section, along with a video explaining how Shippo works. After user testing we found out that, that this design will not generate more sales leads, so we added a quotation form straight to the very top of the page. Below you will see a final high fidelity template displaying such method.

Shippo home page wireframe
Shippo UK shipping company website

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