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Hunting and fishing equipment store and club.

During the first meeting with the client, It was clear that they are professionals with passion for their work.

My task was to create a multi-purpose eCommerce website with blogging features. Anna also offered club memberships to their customers, so a dedicated section was included to attract visitors to sign up.

Back-end developer: Dmitriy Kauts

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Learn from your losses.

My research showed that most people from CIS region don't like to sign up before purchasing goods online. So, I've decided to add a 'buy as a guest' feature. The feature helped Anna to increase their sales and accelerated purchase process.

There are many resons why people don't like to sign up, for example they fear getting spammed or that the website might not be secure.

Anna Hunting Club eCommerce website
Anna eCommerce website product page

Trust is a key component of any eCommerse website.

Also, there was an issue with trust. In order to show trustworthiness of the website, I've decided to display Anna's manufacturing process of the ammunition as well as video reviews of experts from Anna store about each product.

Below you can find the process of the client purchasing on the eCommerce website Anna. I've added 'related to this item' section which helped enhance the revenue as well as increase view count. This feature also encouraged the clients to stay on the eCommerce website longer.

Anna Hunting Club the purchase process
Anna Hunting Club custom drawn icons Anna Hunting Club website on a mobile deices