Hiking trips in the Alatau Mountains

Alatau Mountains hiking trips

Alpine Service is a non-profit organisation founded with an aim to revive the popularity of mountaineering and active leisure in the Alatau region. Inspired by the rich history of mountaineering came the idea to resurrect long forgotten hiking routes from the 60s, across Alatau mountains, and bring them to the wider audiences.

This was a startup, so I took part in all aspects of the project from branding and print medias to website and visual content. My task was to create a captivating user experience, tell the story and get the customers to book a trip.

Back-end developer: Dmitriy Kauts

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Aesthetics plays a vital role in UXD.

The website is one of the first things a customer will experience in the business, it should not confuse or bore, but compel a visitor to take a closer look. I've filled the website with alluring pictures of nature, custom icons, and illustrations. It was also important to ensure that the text is concise but informative. To provide equal access to information on the website reagrdless of device I've made it responsive.

Alpine Service website on different devices and desktop monitor
Alpine Service recommended mountain gear

Upselling and Cross-selling

Since the project is aimed at inexperienced hikers, I have created a showreel of recommended mountain gear required for such hiking tour; this is also a nice upselling feature because by clicking on each image the client is redirected to the item's product page on the online store, prompting them to buy it.

Below, you can see a hand drawn map. The map illustrating the routes, enables customers to understand the scope of their endeavor. Also, user can print the map and directions from the website.

Alpine Service map of the directions of the routes